August 17, 2018

Emma + John

People often say the phrase “your wedding is the best day of your life.” And I think there’s some truths to that but as a whole I don’t believe it’s true.

Because some of the best parts of life are the ordinary, every day things that make up the magic that is your life.

The perfect, dressed up version of yourself is great. But the every day you is even better. Which is what I like to think about when I think about weddings. The (seemingly) perfect, dressed up version of your relationship on your wedding day isn’t the truest form of yourselves, more like a celebration of who you are as a couple and where you’re going. You get to celebrate and make a special day for the every relationship you will have.

I love that Emma + John’s wedding was a CELEBRATION. What I love even more was the answer to the question, “when did you realize you loved John?” Emma laughed and said, “it was actually during a fight with him that I realized I loved him.”

Every day, ordinary magic.

Here’s a sneak peek into their beautiful June wedding day.

What you see:

What is reality:


Emma’s dad just happened to walk up as we were doing bridesmaid photos. He joked that he was thankful to have his sunglasses on as he saw his daughter for the first time on her wedding day. Such a special moment.




Thank you to Emma, John, their family + friends for making me feel like such an included and welcomed part of the day.


Venue: The Neidhammer

Videographer: Sweet Rush Productions

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